Session 1: Experiments (1)

Session 2: Turbulence Theory

  • Tanaka, K National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan. Comparison of turbulence observed in LHD with gyrokinetic simulation
  • Dong, JQ Southwestern Institute of Physics, China. Electron Dynamics and Electromagnetics Effects on Kinetic Geodesic Acoustic Mode in Tokamak Plasmas
  • Sánchez, E Laboratorio Nacional de Fusión. Asociación Euratom/Ciemat, Spain. Collisionless damping of flows in the TJ-II stellarator
  • Miura, H National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan. Local structures and energy transfer in homogeneous and isotropic Hall MHD turbulence

Session 3: Materials

  • Riley, DP ANSTO, Australia. Overview of Fusion Materials Research at ANSTO
  • OConnor, JD University of Newcastle, Australia. Radiation Resistance in MAX Phase Materials
  • Krstic, P ORNL-Univ of Tenn joint center for computational physics, USA. Bottom-up Science for the Plasma-Material Interface

Session 4: Equilibrium Theory

  • Na, Yong-Su Seoul National University, Korea. Self-consistent Simulation of Neoclassical Tearing Mode Stabilisation in Tokamaks
  • Horiuchi, R National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan. Macro and micro physics of magnetic reconnection in a multi-hierarchy open system
  • Hudson, SR Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, USA. Nonlinearly perturbed MHD equilibria, with or without magnetic islands
  • Turnbull, AD General Atomics, USA. Comparisons of Plasma Response Models for Nonaxisymmetric Perturbations
  • Dewar, RL Plasma Research Lab, ANU, Australia. Action-Angle variables defined on island chains

Session 5: 3D Tokamaks

Session 6: Waves

  • Chen, SH National Central University, Taiwan. Theoretical Study of the Nonstationary Behaviors of Gyrotron Backwave Wave Oscillators
  • Gupta, DN University of Delhi, India. Nonlinear Propagation of a Laser-Excited Plasma-Wave by Parametric Couplings
  • Laqua, HP Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics, IPP, Germany. RF Heating Experiments at WEGA
  • Köhn, A Stuttgart University, Germany. Investigations of Microwave Heating Scenarios of Overdense Plasmas in the Stellarator TJ-K

Session 7: Experiments (2)

Session 8: Confinement Theory

Session 9: Divertors

Session 10: Diagnostics

Session 11: Confinement Experiments

Session 12: Equilibrium

Session 13: Equilibrium Flow

Session 14: Zonal Flows

  • Stroth, U Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik-Garching, Germany. Experimental results on the interplay of zonal-flow and broadband turbulence from TJ-K and ASDEX Upgrade
  • Alonso, JA National Fusion Laboratory, Spain. Dynamic transport regulation by zonal flow-like structures in the TJ-II stellarator
  • Watanabe, TH National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan. Gyrokinetic Simulations of Turbulent Transport and Zonal Flows in High-Ion-Temperature LHD Plasmas

Session 15: Fast Ions

Session 16: Optimisation


  • OvP.1
  • Yamada, H
  • National Insitute for Fusion Science, Japan
  • Overview of LHD Project - Invitation to Joint Collaboration
  • OvP.2
  • Klinger, T
  • Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics, Germany
  • The road to completion of Wendelstein 7-X
  • P1.2
  • Kobayashi, S
  • Ins. of Adv. Energy, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Density Fluctuation and Its Radial Structure Measurements by Beam Emission Spectroscopy in Heliotron J
  • P1.3
  • Krupnik, L
  • Institute of Plasma Physics, NSC “KIPT”, Ukraine
  • Development end Installation of the Beam Probe Diagnostic (HIBP) on Stellarator “URAGAN-2M”
  • P1.4
  • Krupnik, L
  • Institute of Plasma Physics, NSC “KIPT”, Ukraine
  • Installation of the Duo-System of the Heavy Ion Beam Probe Diagnostic on the TJ-II Stellarator
  • P1.5
  • Motojima, G
  • National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan
  • Observation of Internal Distribution in a Pellet Plasmoid by High-speed Imaging Spectroscopy
  • P1.7
  • Ishiguro, S
  • National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan
  • Three-Dimensional Particle Simulation of Blob Dynamics
  • P1.8
  • Nishimura, S
  • National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan
  • Fast ion driven neoclassical parallel flows and radial fluxes in non-symmetric toroidal plasmas
  • P1.11
  • Sugama, H
  • National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan
  • Plasma Flows and Geometric Symmetry in Toroidal Systems
  • P1.15
  • Li, BW
  • Inst. of Applied Phys. and Comp. Math., China
  • Stimulated Raman Cascade into Photon Condensation and Large Amplitude EM Solitons in Laser Plasma Interaction
  • P1.16
  • Moghadasin, H
  • Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
  • Investigation of Superradiant amplification of ultrashort laser pulses in plasma
  • P2.4
  • Voitsenya, VS
  • Stellarator Department IPP NSC KIPT, Ukraine
  • Recent results from stellarators in Kharkov
  • P2.5
  • Ito, T
  • National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan
  • Development and application of active charge exchange spectroscopy for study of fast ion distribution and transport on LHD
  • P2.7
  • Anderson, FSB
  • University of Wisconsin, USA
  • 3D Equilibrium Reconstruction in HSX
  • P2.8
  • Likin, KM
  • HSX Lab, UW-Madison, USA
  • Plasma Heating with Upgraded ECRH system on the HSX stellarator
  • P2.10
  • Asahi, Y
  • The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan
  • MHD equilibrium analysis with anisotropic pressure in LHD
  • P2.19
  • Saito, K
  • The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan
  • Interaction between interchange modes and static magnetic islands
  • P3.1
  • Kernbichler, W
  • TU Graz, Austria
  • Quasilinear response of a tokamak plasma to resonant magnetic field perturbations
  • P3.2
  • Okamura, S
  • National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan
  • Roles of Axisymmetric and Non-Axisymmetric Fourier Components of Boundary Shapes in LHD-Type PlanarAxis Stellarators
  • P3.4
  • Ware, AS
  • University of Montana, USA
  • Equilibrium and transport properties of quasi-symmetric stellarators
  • P3.5
  • Mizuuchi, T
  • Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Gas Fuelling Effect on Plasma Performance in Heliotron J
  • P3.6
  • Shim, SB
  • Pusan National University, Korea
  • Edge-SOL Plasma Simulation with Different Plasma Facing Materials
  • P3.7
  • Lee, HY
  • Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Charge exchange recombination spectroscopy for ion transport in Heliotron J
  • P3.8
  • Lopez-Bruna, D
  • National Fusion Laboratory, Spain
  • Transport at the L–H transition threshold in TJ-II plasmas
  • P3.10
  • Wakasa, A
  • Kyoto University, Japan.
  • Simulation of Heat Transport in LHD Plasmas Using the TASK3D code
  • P3.11
  • Nishino, NN
  • Hiroshima University, Japan
  • Study of filament features in edge plasma turbulence using a combination of fast video cameras and a hybrid probe system in Heliotron J
  • P3.12
  • Nunami, M
  • National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan
  • Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Simulation for ITG Turbulent Transport in LHD Discharge
  • P3.13
  • Ohshima, S
  • Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Edge Fluctuation Study using Multiple Langmuir Probes in Heliotron J
  • P3.14
  • Okada, H
  • Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Characteristics of ICRF Minority Heating for the Bumpiness and the Resonance Position in the Magnetic Field of Heliotron J
  • P3.16
  • Toda, S
  • National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan
  • Oscillation Phenomena of Electric Field in Helical Plasmas
  • P3.17
  • Velasco, JL
  • National Fusion Laboratory, Spain
  • Configuration dependence of the Neoclassical Viscosity in TJ-II
  • P3.18
  • Wilcox, RS
  • HSX, University of Wisconsin, USA
  • Measurement of Reynolds Stress Flow Drive in the HSX Stellarator
  • P3.19
  • Kim, C-B
  • Soongsil University, Korea
  • Energy spectrum of the Hasagawa-Mima equation driven by noise