Instructions for oral presenters


The invited and contributed talks from the Joint 18th International Stellarator/Heliotron Workshop and 10th Asia Pacific Plasma Theory Conference will be published in a special issue of Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (PPCF).

IOP Publishing will manage the peer-review of the PPCF special issue. This means that manuscripts should be submitted electronically, directly to PPCF, and authors’ main contact throughout the reviewing process will be with the PPCF editorial office, contactable at


Articles must be submitted to PPCF by 30 April 2012. If articles are submitted after this date then we cannot guarantee that they will be considered for inclusion in the special issue. If it is possible for you to submit your article before this date then please do so.

Articles must be submitted electronically. You can submit in the following ways:

On submission, please indicate that your paper is for the Asia-Pacific 2012 special issue. If submitting online, please select the *Asia-Pacific 2012 special issue* button.

Full details on the submission process can be found at

Manuscript Preparation

Page Limits

From 2012 PPCF will be published in US letter format, so each page will be equivalent to around 900 words, including tables and figures (tables and figures occupy the equivalent of approximately 300 words each).

The page limit for invited talk articles in this issue is 8 journal pages.

The page limit for contributed talk articles in this issue is 6 journal pages.


The requirements for special issue papers are the same as for regular submissions to PPCF (or any IOP journal). For full details of acceptable formats, please visit


Once submitted, your paper will enter PPCF’s electronic refereeing system. Articles will be refereed to the journal's usual high standards, and you may be asked to make amendments or revisions to your paper.