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Saturday 28th January

  • 9th Coordinated Working Group Meeting (CWGM). Link Building Conference Room - Contact M. Yokoyama

Sunday 29th January

  • 2:30PM Walking Tour of National Botanic Gardens (limited numbers)
  • 3:30-5:30PM: (4:15 and 5:45) tours of the H-1 Facility featuring upgrades funded by the Australian Government’s Super Science Initiative including the new Materials Diagnostic Facility, and the new 2x200kW Thomson Broadcast RF heating system.
  • approx. 4pm: welcome barbecue at ANU (in the Oliphant BBQ area, see map)

Monday 30th January

  • Conference opening, ANU
  • Selected Invited papers (TBA) and Fusion Materials and Poster Sessions

Tuesday 31st January

  • Morning: conference moves to Murramarang resort and conference centre
  • Evening: Welcome to Murramarang deluxe BBQ

Wednesday 1st February

  • Conference at Murramarang

Thursday 2nd February

  • Conference at Murramarang
  • Conference dinner: three course banquet

Friday 3rd February

  • Conference at Murramarang
  • Conference close
  • Bus from Murramarang to Canberra, (stopping at Canberra Airport around 5pm)
  • Bus from Murramarang to Sydney, (stopping at Sydney International Airport around 6pm - seats are limited, must be reserved and paid in advance)

Invited speakers

  • A. Alonso Dynamic transport regulation by zonal flow-like structures in the TJ-II stellarator
  • J-W. Ahn Modification of edge plasma characteristics and divertor heat and particle flux profiles with applied 3-D fields in NSTX
  • T.S. Pedersen Non-neutral, partially neutralized, and quasineutral plasma in CNT
  • K. Tanaka Comparison of turbulence observed in LHD with gyro-kinetic simulation
  • H. Yamada Overview of 3D effects of transport and MHD stability
  • T. Ido Potential Fluctuations of Geodesic Acoustic Mode and Alfvén Eigenmodes Driven by Energetic Particles in the LHD Plasmas
  • T-H. Watanabe Gyrokinetic simulations of turbulent transport and zonal flows in high-ion-temperature LHD plasmas
  • S.R. Hudson Nonlinearly perturbed MHD equilibria, with or without magnetic islands
  • M Yokoyama Towards Validation of Confinement Performance Prediction Based on Integrated Profile Database (Combined Working Group)
  • Y-S. Na Self-consistent Simulation of Neoclassical Tearing Mode Stabilisation in Tokamaks
  • A. Boozer Stellarator Coil Design and Plasma Sensitivity
  • O. Schmitz Impact of 3D magnetic control fields on the plasma boundary and plasma wall interaction in tokamaks
  • M. Hole Resolving the impact of rotation and anisotropy due to NBI energetic particles in toroidal magnetic confinement
  • B. Blackwell Recent results from the Australian Plasma Fusion Research Facility
  • J. Geiger Theoretical modeling in preparation for Wendelstein 7-X operation
  • C. Hegna Healing of magnetic islands in stellarators by plasma flow
  • R. Horiuchi Macro and micro physics of magnetic reconnection in a multi-hierarchy open system
  • K. Toi Formation of Edge Transport Barrier in Stochastic Field Region and Characteristics of Edge Localized Modes on LHD
  • Z. Yoshida Experiment and Theory: Recent results from RT-1
  • M. Zarnstorff Stellarator Pilot Plants with Simplified Coils
  • T. Morisaki Experimental Results of Closed Divertor Plasma in LHD
  • U. Stroth Experimental results on the interplay of zonal-flow and broadband turbulence from TJ-K and ASDEX Upgrade
  • F. Sano Recent progress in Heliotron J experiment
  • R. Wolf Steady state operation of Wendelstein 7-X
  • S. Anderson Overview of HSX Experiments
  • G.Y. Park Numerical study of RMP-induced plasma transport in diverted tokamak geometry
  • J. Harris 3D physics challenges of stellarators and tokamaks
  • M. Osakabe Confinement of high energy particles and achievement of high ion temperature plasma in LHD
  • J. Graves 3D helical core tokamak physics
  • O. Ford Current Distribution Inference from MSE coherence imaging using Bayesian Tomography
  • S. Sakakibara Modification of magnetic field structure of high beta plasmas with perturbation field in LHD
  • M. Drevlak Fast Particle Physics in W7-X
  • S.H. Chen Theoretical Study of the Nonstationary Behaviors of Gyrotron Backward Wave Oscillators